Week #2 Reflection


Sample of interactive student Notability project.

iPads are undoubtedly a great multimedia tool for both students and staff at BHS. But there is definitely something to be said about the technology’s limitations. Several students have come to me this past week with complaints about the lack of Adobe Flash Player on the iPads, which prohibits students from using certain interactive multimedia websites in the classroom. Rival tablets hoping to dethrone the iPad have installed this and other software onto their products in an effort to make these tablets no less capable than laptops/desktops. But of course, BHS still believes the iPad is the best device for content creation and delivery. Luckily, there are many ways that BHS can work around this issues using other forms of multimedia. App after app has been realized allowing iPad users to access virtually any Internet resource they want, thus minimizing the iPad’s minor flaw. Personally, I find that iPad functions in several others ways that renders the use of Adobe somewhat obsolete. Ultimately, although it would nice to have Adobe Flash Player, there’s no question that the iPad is more than a competent tool in the classroom setting.


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